Membership Benefits

Opportunities for training
BICTTA will organize seminars, workshops and trainings in order to support further development of your staff, and employment training programs. Your company is also invited to participate in seminars and workshops organized by member companies, which are specialized in training for management, human resource development and business consultancy and ICT Training etc.
Business services
Your company will informed all the latest updates of business meeting which will include updates on legislation and regulations for the ICT sector; news and events of BICTTA; updated information regarding ICT conferences or investment in the region and International, as well as other relevant topics and issues for the ICT & Training sector in the market.
Purpose of BICTTA is to create a conducive and sustainable environment to ICT & Training sector, serving as a catalyst for reforms in public and private sectors. How does advocacy function through BICTTA? For example: your company’s active participation in the committee on Legislation, Politics and Taxes, may result in the formulation of a recommendation which will then be addressed to Ministries and / or government agencies responsible in country. As a collective voice for the industry we shape the way forward. We provide our members with a platform to give direct input into the legislative framework and also develop common standards to the benefit of the entire industry.
BICTTA helps its members to increase their visibility and connection with a potential consumer, supplier and business partners (National & International). As a member of the association, you will be invited to various events that will enable you to meet with Government, business leaders and officials and the communities – local and international. Networking opportunities through regular seminars, workshops and conferences. An opportunity to learn and forge influential relationships!
Others Benefits Association offer to its members are:
  • Fast and continuous information for all related activities undertaken by the Association
  • Can be part of the Committees or special Working Groups.
  • Participate in and contribute to discussions in Annual General Meeting.
  • Receiving of E-Mail from various Ministries and Departments by BICTTA will be forwarded to all members which will benefits our members.
  • Networking opportunities with member-member and members of associations of other countries
  • BICTTA involvement in activities such as communication with institutions, receiving information about cooperation opportunities, acceptance of information about new projects, etc.
  • Marketing Platform. All members of the BICTTA are listed on the BICTTA website and have access to unique marketing opportunities through our affiliations and memberships of other Associations.
  • Representation on various government, NGO and industry structures. The BICTTA is the official representative body of the ICT Industry in the Country.
  • Business development. Through focused programmed we endeavor to contribute to the sustainable growth of the ICT & Training sector.
  • Interest Groups. Through the creation of various special interest groups the BICTTA ensures coverage of important and relevant issues on all platforms.