Membership Code of Conduct

  1. Members shall conduct their business dealings with their clients in an ethical manner making full disclosure beforehand of all relevant and material facts relating to each proposed activity.
  2. Members shall express the terms of agreement clearly and precisely and fulfill this agreement in good faith.
  3. All the work undertaken by members shall be carried out promptly and efficiently in accordance with contract entered with clients or in accordance with bidding documents.
  4. Members shall safeguard their client’s interest and provide proper security to keep all information provided to them confidential.
  5. Members shall not misrepresent the capabilities of specific products & services in order to obtain Business.
  6. Members shall not use secret or personal gifts or payments for inducement of Business.
  7. All dealing with fellow members shall be conducted in positive and professional manners. And treat with outmost courtesy and fairness.
  8. Members shall not make inaccurate and disparaging statement about competitors’ products, services and business.
  9. No Members shall not persuade/influence a client to cancel or reveres the client’s formal commitment.
  10. Members shall employ staff of high caliber and offer fair and equal opportunity for development and growth.
  11. Member shall annually renew the membership certificate within 1st month (1stto 31st January) of every new financial year. Member failing to renew the membership certificate within said period, shall be liable for penalty of Nu.50 per day.
  12. Member shall all the time maintain and stand with membership code of conduct.
  13. Members if found guilty of violating membership code of conduct will be fined Nu. 5000/- (Nu. Five Thousand only/-) for the first time offenders.Members if found guilty of violating membership code of conduct for the second time, the membership will be immediately suspended for one year. Membership of the member will be cancelled for three years for third time offenders of membership code of conduct.
  14. Membership fees should be paid at time of registration for new Membership registration as per the Membership fees package preferred along with registration fees.
  15. Members should notify and update to BICTTA Secretariat office in written for changes of ownership and above mentioned information.
  16. Member should always maintain and full fill the membership registration criteria, if failed membership will be immediately cancelled.