Organization profile

Bhutan ICT & Training Association (BICTTA) was established as an ICT & Training industry representative institution. The core mandate of BICTTA is to promote & develop the ICT & Training Industry of Bhutan and effective representation of the Industry at national and international level for both policy and operational matters concerning to ICT & Training Industry of Bhutan.
Since its establishment in 2003, BICTTA has been actively undertaking various activities in collaboration with relevant government agencies for the development and growth of ICT & Industry in the country. Because of its commitment and dedication towards it mandate today BICTTA is regarded on of the well-established and recognized Industry Association at both national and international level.

Vision: To achieve quality ICT services, ICT Products and skilled human resources development in line with Royal Government’s vision to promote Bhutan as knowledge based society.”

Mission: To enable, facilitate, promote and develop ICT and Training Industry in Bhutan through collaboration and linkages with client satisfaction model.”

BICTTA is only the association in the country to have established partnership with similar association from 23 countries.In the year 2015 BICTTA registered as active member of Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO: Registration with ASOCIO facilitated BICTTA to establish partnership and linkages with similar ICT association from 23 countries.

International partnership and linkages have immensely benefited our ICT & Training Industry in explore inbound and outbound international business opportunities.
At national level BICTTA shares close working relation with Department of IT & Telecom (DITT) under Ministry of Information and Communication, the focal government department mandated for the promotion and development of ICT sector in the country and Department of Occupational Standard, under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource, which regulates the quality and standards of vocational training institutions in the country.
In partnership with above mentioned departments and international partners, BICTTA have undertaken series of projects, international ICT events and activities for the promotion and development of the private ICT & Training Industry of Bhutan.Bhutan ICT & Training Association (BICTTA) is currently located at Doebum Lam, (beside the office of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry), with a team of five regular employees operating the BICTTA secretariat. Today BICTTA have 80 ICT firms/companies registered as active member of BICTTA.
BICTTA is governed by Article of Association, endorsed by the general members and recently BICTTA is in process of registering with Civil Society Organization (CSO) Authority.