Consultative meeting- ICT Private sector & DITT/MoIC

Bhutan ICT & Training Association (BICTTA) and the Department of IT & Telecom (DITT), under the Ministry of Information Communication will be organizing consultative meeting with ICT industry to share and discuss ICT plans (Digital Drukyul) that has been formulated for next five years. The meeting shall also be open forum for discussion on challenges and issues faced by both Government and ICT industry in delivery of ICT projects and for the growth of ICT industry. Further the meeting shall also discuss on the ICT skills requirements of the ICT industry to deliver international standard service & products.

The following are expected outcome from the meeting:

  1. Possibility to address some challenges as strategy in the government plans.
  2. Understanding the skills requirements of the industry for transformation and going global.
  3. Collaboration to build an enabling business environment for ICT Industry to go global.

Tentative Agenda of the meeting for your kind reference